How To Replace The Starter On A Moped

People that own mopeds often have starter trouble, so it is a good thing to know how to replace the starter on a moped. However, many people are intimidated by this because it involves a certain amount of engineering and, without adequate knowledge, it can be somewhat dangerous. But, if you know the steps needed to complete this process, it is really not as difficult as one might believe.

Materials Needed:

  • Socket Wrench/ Standard Wrench 
  • Spare Bolts (optional: old bolts may be reused, but this is not recommended.)
  • Replacement Starter
  1. The first thing to do is to remove the original starter. The starter is a cylindrical shape and is located underneath the top surface of the tanker which is located at the top end of the engine. Using a 10mm spanner, loosen and remove the two bolts from the sides. Once the bolts have been removed, then you can lift the starter motor off of the bike.
  2. During the removal of the original starter, make sure that the terminal is not being unbolted. If you unbolt the wrong bolts, it can turn into quite a mess because the connection to the positive terminal has to be set in a very specific and delicate position.
  3. Once the starter is removed, and the positive terminal has been avoided, then you can get your replacement ready for insertion. Make sure that the new starter is in good condition and is cleaned properly. Just making sure that there is no oil or grime on the outside of the new starter can save you a lot of trouble.
  4. After the new starter is ready, it can be inserted into the place where the old starter was located. Make sure that it is secured before replacing the two bolts. It also might not be a bad idea to use new bolts to avoid striping and keeping the engine looking nice.


  • After the bolts are reinserted and the starter has been hooked back up, the moped should be good to go.
  • If there are any problems, troubleshooting is pretty simple; just check the cleanliness of the starter and how it is inserted. If it is crooked, it may not work as well.
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