How To Replace Starter On A Toyota Echo

Need to know how to replace the starter on a Toyota Echo? It is possible for the starter on your Toyota Echo to wear out well before the rest of your car ceases to function. In this case, replacing your Toyota Echo's starter can save you a lot of money. The steps below will show you how to change a starter on a Toyota Echo. It's easy and, if you are reading this, probably necessary.

  1. First, locate your Toyota Echo's starter. The starter motor on a Toyota Echo is located near the battery on the right-hand side of the engine, near the firewall.
  2. Once you find the battery, follow the negative (usually black) lead down into the engine bay. It will then connect to the starter motor. The starter is a stubby, cylindrical item which protrudes from the side of the engine. It is connected to the flywheel, and that is connected to the gearbox.
  3. Hoist your Toyota Echo onto a ramp or axle stands, making sure the handbrake is fully secured and that the battery is disconnected. From underneath the car, remove the plastic trays which cover the starter motor, protecting it from stones and other road debris. Locate the two fourteen millimeter bolts (one at the front and one at the rear of the motor) which attach the starter motor to the side of the engine block.
  4. Loosen and remove the bolts. Remove the associated wiring, such as the starter connector and starter wire, and keep the washers, nuts and bolts in a safe place. If you are not under the car, the air intake hose and the air filter must be removed first before lifting the starter out of the top of the engine bay. Carefully pull the starter motor out of the block in a straight line so as not to damage the flywheel teeth.
  5. Replace the starter motor with the new one in the same way that you removed the old one. Be careful not to force it back in as you could damage the flywheel teeth. Tighten the bolts to the manufacturer's specifications. Replace the wiring and battery lead and the plastic covering on the underside of the engine compartment, and reconnect the negative lead to the battery terminal.
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