How To Replace Struts On A 1998 Ford Escort

The struts on your Ford have gotten worse and you need to know how to replace struts on a 1998 Ford Escort. Struts help provide a smooth ride for your vehicle. When struts wear out, not only can your tires get worn out, but the performance of your car decreases greatly. Struts are like shock absorbers that have springs to absorb the shocks of the road. Changing struts on a 1998 Ford Escort can be time consuming, but can be done with the right tools, following the right steps.

To replace Struts on a 1998 Ford Escort you need:

  • new struts
  • jack
  • jack stands
  • ratchet set
  • socket set
  • open-end wrench
  • tire iron
  • head hex key
  1. Lift up the car and remove the tires. Use a jack to lift up the 1998 Ford Escort, and use jack stands to secure the car. Loosen the lug nuts and bolts from the wheels. With a tire iron remove the wheels from the car and place them aside for later use.
  2. Unbolt the struts. Unbolt the bottom of the strut located on the steering knuckle, and then unbolt the strut from the sway bar end link. Pop the hood and unbolt the strut from the car located underneath the hood by using a ratchet and socket set.
  3. Tighten the spring compressors. Tighten down the spring compressors once you place the spring compressors on the strut spring. Keep the pressure of the springs even while you tighten one side of the spring compressor and then alternate sides and tighten the other side.
  4. Unbolt the strut from the cap. Take the hex head key and place it on the top of the strut, centered. Using an open-end wrench unbolt the strut from the cap with out any pressure on the spring. This will eliminate the spring from being launched on your 1998 Ford Escort.
  5. Remove the old strut. Take the old strut and carefully slide it from underneath the spring. Remove the dust cap and the bump stop from the old strut, and slide those parts in place onto the new strut.
  6. Install the new strut. In the same way you removed the old strut, slide the new strut in place through the spring, and then tighten the cap. Use the ratchet and socket sets to disconnect the spring compressors from your 1998 Ford Escort, once the strut is tightened. 
  7. Bolt the new strut into place. Bolt the strut to the fender. Make sure to hold it into place well as you bolt it to the strut tower. Next, bolt the strut onto the steering knuckle, and then reconnect the sway bar in place to the strut. Repeat these steps for each additional strut.
  8. Replace the tires. Install the tire lug nuts and bolts back into place. Remove the jack stands and lower the 1998 Ford Escort with the jack. Enjoy your new comfortable ride.
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