How To Replace A Surfboard Traction Pad

On occasion a surfboard traction pad may come loose, and it will become necessary to learn how to replace a surfboard traction pad. Some surfers may decide to take their surfboard to a repair shop instead of learning how to replace a surfboard traction pad. Learning how to replace a surfboard traction pad can be very beneficial to a dedicated surfer. Replacing a surfboard traction pad is a fairly simple process and only requires a few basic items that are quite easy to obtain.

Things you'll need:

  • Hair Dryer
  • Wax Remover
  • Wax Comb
  • Replacement traction pad
  • Cleaning cloth
  1. Remove the traction pad. Use the hair dryer on low heat to loosen the wax under the traction pad. Aim the hair dryer at and around the traction pad to warm it up. Pry the traction pad up around the edges carefully.
  2. Heat and pull. Continue to heat the area around the traction pad and increase the heat slightly. Pull the traction pad up until you have removed all the pieces of the traction pad. Do not worry about the wax residue yet.
  3. Heat wax residue. Turn the heat to medium or high on the hair dryer and briefly heat the wax residue left on the board from the traction pad. Scrape the wax residue away with the wax comb while it is warm. Repeat this process several times until the majority of the wax residue has been removed.
  4. Use wax remover. Finish removing the wax residue using the wax remover. Apply the wax remover and clean the wax residue away with a cleaning cloth. Repeat this process until all the remaining wax residue has been removed.
  5. Align the new traction pad. Unwrap the new traction pad and lay it down in position. Align the traction pad to where it should be.
  6. Apply the traction pad. Remove the protective backing from the traction pad and install the traction pad into place. Repeat this for each piece of the traction pad. Press down firmly on the traction pad and continue to apply pressure to ensure it adheres properly to the board.


  • Do not use the surfboard for at least twenty-four hours after changing the traction pad.
  • Always change the entire traction pad and not just one piece of it to ensure that it wears evenly.
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