How Replace Testosterone Levels In Men Naturally

Learning how to replace testosterone levels in men naturally is a very popular subject these days. Testosterone is the main hormone associated with men. It is what gives men many of their male characteristics, such as their muscle mass, deep voice, and their sex drive. Like any hormone associated with men or women, as men age, testosterone can become depleted. Men lose approximately 1% of their testosterone level each year after age forty. 

Testosterone levels can be monitored with blood work. Blood levels can show your doctor how low your testosterone levels are and let him know if you need hormone replacement therapy. There are different types of hormone therapy that can boost your testosterone, including injections, medication, and natural replacement therapy. Many men are opting for a more natural way of boosting their testosterone levels, such as with herbal treatments. There are several herbs that have been found to boost testosterone levels; one herb is chrysin. Chrysin is a bioflavonoidand that can be extracted from several different plants. It is also known to be be an aromatase-inhibitor. Aromatase is the process of converting testosterone into estrogen. Chrysin helps to prevent this transition. Preventing the conversion of testosterone into estrogen can help to keep testosterone levels elevated.

Nettle is a perennial stinging plant with it's prickly bristles. It has been found that nettle extracts have the ability to inhibit certain enzymes such as 5 alpha reductase that can cause testosterone to convert to DHT. It is the DHT metabolite of testosterone that is known to cause benign prostate enlargement, excess facial hair and hair loss at the top of the head.

Another herbal extract found to play a role in testosterone levels is muira puama. Muira puama comes from the stems and roots of the ptychopetalum olacoides plant. Studies have show that muira puama enhances free testosterone in the body as well as suppresses estrogen levels. French scientists have discovered that this can play a large role in enhancing mens' libido. 

If you have low testosterone levels and want to try a natural form of treatment, talk to your doctor. There are herbal options that may help you decrease the risk of losing testosterone without the risks and side effects of traditional treatments.


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