How To Replace Timex Expedition Watch Band

Need to know how to replace a Timex Expedition watch band? To replace the watch band on a Timex Expedition watch, you need only a few things and a bit of patience. The watch band on the Timex Expedition is held in place by a spring-loaded pin called a spring bar, which fits into the lugs on each end of the case of the Timex Expedition watch.

To replace a Timex Expedition watch band, you will need:

  • A spring bar tool
  • Painter's tape
  1. Before you replace your Timex Expedition watch band, first review your tools. The spring bar tool is a small tool which helps to remove the pins. It has a pointed end and a flat end with a small V notch. The pointed end is used to remove pins on watches with drilled lugs, which some more expensive watches have. The flat end is to facilitate the removal of spring bars from lugs like the Timex Expedition has. If you use something other than a spring bar tool, make sure it is not a knife or sharp-edged blade. Removing spring bars can be tricky and is almost a sure way to get cut. The painter's tape is used to protect the surfaces of the watch from scratches should you slip while removing or replacing spring bars. Painters tape is preferable to other tapes because it leaves less residue.
  2. Cover the exposed areas of the watch with tape. This will help keep the watch from being scratched should  you slip while working on the spring bars. They are tight and slipping is a definite concern.
  3. Use the spring bar tool to remove each side of the watch band. Take the flat edge of the tool and slip it sideways between the band and lug. You will see a lip where the pin compresses and the tiny end which fits into the hole. Catch the edge or end of the pin and push it down towards the other lug until it compresses and you can slip the pin out of the hole. Be careful here; these pins are spring loaded and small. If you let them fly out of a loose fitting hole they can easily disappear across the room.
  4. Clean the areas of the watch case that are not easily cleaned with the band on. Use a swab to clean the gunk out of the lugs and places which are usually hidden by the watch band.
  5. Attach a new watch band to the case. Put the spring bar though one end of the band. Make very sure you are putting it on in the way you desire. It is all too easy to make a mistake and have to remove the band you just put on because it is upside down or backwards. Place one end of the pin into the hole in the lug. Next, take the tool, or if there is room, your thumbnail, and compress the pin until you can slip the free end inside of the lugs. Now slowly work the band into position until the pin pops into the hole. Make sure both pin ends are firmly in place before moving on to the other side of the band.  At some point in this procedure everyone occasionally has to go find a pin that flew away.
  6. Remove the painter's tape from the case of the watch. There should not be any residue from the tape, but if there is clean it off with a bit of alcohol on a cotton ball.

Your Timex Expedition now sports a new band; enjoy it!

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