How To Replace U Joints

Knowing how to replace U Joints is important for when you feel your car making a metallic clunking sound, and you have no time to take it to a mechanic. A U (Universal) Joint is what allows your car the freedom to move in all directions. You will know your U Joint need to be replaced if you feel strong vibrations from your drive shaft.

To replace U joints, you will need

  • Car Jack
  • Universal Joint (U Joint)
  • Bearing Grease
  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Vise
  1. Start by lifting the rear of the car using the car jack. Ensure that the vehicle is in Parking mode before attempting this. Now find the U Joint, which will be located between the junction of the drive shaft to rear axle.
  2. The U Joint is secured by two U joint, which are further secured by four bolts. Loosen and remove these bolts using your wrench, and then pry the U bolts from around the U Joint. Keep each U Joint with it's corresponding bolts, as it isn't a good idea to mix and match the parts.
  3. Now you will need to detach the drive shaft from the car. To start, separate the drive shaft from the rear axle by applying pressure on the U Joint too loosen it. Then set your vehicle in Neutral mode, and turn the steering wheel. This will separate the drive shaft from the rear axle. Now simply. pull the drive shaft and it will separate from the vehicle.
  4. Now separate the U joint from the drive shaft. To do this, you will first need to remove the fasteners that hold the U joint in place, using either a screwdriver, or pliers, depending on the type of fasteners. Then use a vise to squeeze the cup bearings that hold the U joint in place out. When one cup bearing comes out, the other one will too.
  5. Now remove the U joint, and replace it with the new U joint that you have. Grease the U joint before placing it back in the yoke, and re-assemble all the parts, including the cup bearings, the fasteners and the rear axle. Perform each step methodically, so that you don't make any mistakes, and then place the new U Joint back in place under the car.
  6. Remove the car jack, and start your car. If you followed the steps, you will have a properly working U Joint.
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