How To Replace A Vintage Schwinn Gear Cable

Have you ever need to know how to replace a cable on a vintage Schwinn bicycle you got at a yard sale? Replacing a cable on one bike isn't different from any of the others as brake cables are standard. Although the article did not say which cable, the author is assuming it is a three speed bike cable, which are somewhat difficult to find.

Things You Will Need:

  • A three speed Schwinn

  • Imperial System Wrench set. Millimeter wrenches are not usually necessary

  • A three speed shifter cable

  • Screwdrivers and Hex Wrenches

To Replace a Cable on a Vintage Schwinn Bike:

  1. Buy a three-speed cable. It is far easier to find cables for ten-speeds and mountain bikes as these are the more popular bicycle models. For a vintage Schwinn, you may have to find the nearest convenient bike shop.

  2. Use the screwdriver to loosen the casing for the gears shifter on the front handle bar. Use the same tool to carefully pry out the cable. Go locate the lock nut on the hub of the back wheel.

  3. Remove the Vintage Schwinn Cable from the Internal Gear Shifter. Most three-speed bicycle models attached the cable into an item that can screw off of the hub. Screw the small round piece of metal out. It is the one with the hole through the center if you have trouble locating the correct part of the wheel.

  4. Place the cable along the frame. Use small clips or twister ties to attach the cable until it is finally in place. Replace the front end the same way you would any other cable. The back end is trickier.

  5. Place the cable on your Vintage Schwinn through the hole in the back. Twist the adjuster, the rear end of the cable through the lock nut. Tie the cable into place and make sure it is firmly attached to the bicycle.

The cable on your vintage Schwinn or a different three speed model is now replaced. Go and test it out to make sure you have done the job correctly. If it still does not work, it may not hurt to take it to a professional or buy a newer single-speed model made with retro styling.

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