How To Replace Water Pump On 1993 Nissan 240sx

You can learn how to replace water pump on a 1993 Nissan 240SX and save money rather than having a mechanic do it. A bad water pump can cause many problems, including odd engine noise, leakage and eventually a cracked engine block (due to excessive heat). It's easy to replace the water pump on your 93 Nissan 240SX yourself, following these steps.

To replace the water pump on a 1993 Nissan 240SX, you will need:

  • Wrench set
  • Pliers
  • New water pump
  • Water pump gasket
  • Water pump sealant
  • Coolant (optional)
  1. Allow the engine to cool down if you have recently driven the Nissan 240SX.
  2. Open the hood and unhook the battery. Open the coolant drain plug and allow the coolant to drain into a container. You may reuse this coolant after you replace the water pump.
  3. Pull the belt tensioner pulley using a wrench. Remove the serpentine drive belt from the pulley on the water pump. Release the tension on the belt tensioner.
  4. Disconnect the water pump hoses by depressing the clips with pliers and removing them. Some remaining engine water may leak out–this is fine.
  5. Remove the bolts that hold the water pump in place. Pull the water pump out and discard the old pump.
  6. Scrape off any pieces of the old gasket and clean the surface so that it is smooth. Place the new gasket on the new water pump and coat it with a sealant. Connect the water pump to the engine. Insert and tighten the bolts to secure it.
  7. Depress the clips and reconnect the hoses to the new water pump. Pull the belt tensioner again and reroute the serpentine drive belt over the new pulley. Check the engine diagram to ensure that you route the belt properly.
  8. Refill the radiator with the coolant you removed earlier or fill it with fresh coolant. Reconnect the battery and start the engine. Check for leaks and noise. Drive the vehicle and monitor the water temperature.
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