How To Replace Westclox Pocket Watch Hair Spring

If you have one of these elegant models, you’ll want to learn how to replace a Westclox Pocket Watch hairspring. In time, this fragile part will need replacement. The hairspring is very easy to find and change if you follow these specific instructions. With dexterity, this process can be done in just few minutes. 

To replace a Westclox Pocket Watch hairspring, you will need:

  • Westclox Pocket Watch
  • New hairspring
  • Jeweler’s screwdriver or small flat-bladed screwdriver
  • Double lens magnifier
  • Owner’s Manual
  • A bright place 
  1. Information about the Westclox Pocket Watch. Westclox is one of the oldest watchmakers in the market. With each model, they guarantee watches that are highly reliable and that last a lifetime. If you have an older model, take good care of it because older models are very expensive and hard to find. These are collection items for watch-lovers worldwide. There are many different models, but most share the same hairspring replacement procedure.
  2. Information about the hairspring. This special part is in charge of the speed of the movement of every part inside the Westclox watch. Be very careful when replacing this spring and try to avoid water or dust from getting inside the system. To purchase a new one, go to a Westclox retail store and let them know your model so that they can give you the proper item. Take the following information as a guide, but know that Westclox does not encourage users to replace the hairspring by themselves. You are totally responsible for any malfunction. If your warranty does cover this replacement, make good use of it.
  3. Replace the hairspring. Once you have this with you, it’s time to begin with the replacement. Remember to take note of every piece you remove. You’ll be handling small parts that are easy to lose. Depending on your Westclox model, unscrew or pry off the back cover. After opening it, you might see a second cover. Just unscrew it to reveal the watch system. Place your ear near the watch and listen carefully-you will hear something rotating. There is where the hair spring is located. Now, unscrew the spring holder so that you can replace the hairspring. To finish, repeat the process in reverse to close every compartment. That’s it! You can now enjoy your Westclox Pocket Watch again. 


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