How To Replace A Wheel Bearing On A Ford Focus

Learn how to replace a wheel bearing on a Ford Focus to save some money. Changing your own bearing is a simple task, and is cheaper than bringing your car to the Ford dealer.  If your wheel bearing is making noise on your Focus, you may need to replace the existing bearing. Driving with a worn wheel bearing can be potentially dangerous.  Change your wheel bearing as soon as you discover the unit is worn.

Here are the tools and parts you will need to replace a wheel bearing on your Ford Focus:

  • New wheel bearings (can be purchased from the dealer, or 3rd party auto parts store)
  • Socket wrench, Vehicle jack, wheel blocks


  1. Raise your Ford Focus. Use a hydraulic jack to lift up the wheel on your Ford Focus.  Place blocks on the opposite wheels to prevent your Focus from accidentally rolling. 
  2. Remove the wheel. Use your socket wrench set to remove the wheel bolts on your Focus. The bolts need to be turned counter clockwise. If you encounter a security bolt, check the glove box for the security bolt removal key. Keep the bolts in a safe location for your Ford Focus.  
  3. Remove brake assembly. Remove the caliper from the wheel.  Support the caliper on a block to relieve pressure on the brake lines. After the rotor is removed, you can remove the brake rotor. The rotor may have screws which attach the unit to the hub. The brake rotor can be removed from the hub, by gently tapping the unit from the back side. 
  4. Remove the existing wheel bearings. Remove the wheel hub on the Ford Focus. Remove the dust cap using a pair of pliers. If necessary, use an impact wrench for additional physical force.  Remove the locknut attaching the hub on your Ford, by unscrewing counter clockwise. Remove the front and rear bearings from the wheel hub. Use a screw driver to physically remove both bearings from the wheel hub. 
  5. Install the new bearing set. The new bearing set can be seated into the hub of your Ford Focus. Once the bearings are installed, you can reverse the steps until the wheel is fully re-mounted on your Ford Focus.
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