How To Replace A Wiring Harness On A 90 650 Cc Kawasaki Jet Ski

Knowing how to replace a wiring harness on a 90650cc Kawasaki Jet Ski guarantees years of continual riding fun, provided you do not let back on the maintenance. Unfortunately, most people do not fully appreciate the harmful effects of faulty wiring, and the harm it presents not only to the Jet Sky, but their safety and lives too. Learn how to replace the wiring harness, and hereby prolong both only the life of your Jet Ski and the entertainment it brings you.

To replace your Kawasaki’s wiring harness, you will need:

  • Authentic Kawasaki Jet Ski Professional Color Coding Diagram
  • Genuine parts (wiring, E box etc) from Kawasaki dealership
  • Tool Kit, specifically containing Philips screwdriver, safety glasses and gloves
  • Some basic understanding of wiring diagram
  1. Make sure your working area is dry. It is imperative when working with any electrical equipment, to keep both environment and the equipment itself completely dry; in this case, the wiring harness and the Jet Ski.
  2. Unscrew the old E Box. Using a proper, tight fitting, number 3 Phillips bit, unscrew the E Box to uncover the circuitry of the Jet Ski. If the need arises, replace the old box with the new one.
  3. Pull all wiring harness wires off their destinations. Ensure that you pull the wires from their connecting heads, and do not try to yank out via grabbing the wires. This runs the risk of the wires coming free of the connectors, which will be left stuck in the sockets.
  4. Carefully map out which wire goes where via the color coding diagram. This is where some basic knowledge of wires and color codes can come in handy, but despite that, the diagram and maps provided are enough to help you figure out which wires goes where. Care must be taken not to mix up colors, else a wire might get plugged incorrectly, and damage your Jet Ski. When reinserting the wires into their respective sockets, again, all force must be applied on the connecting head and not the wires themselves.
  5. Push the wires and the harness back into the Electronic Box. Do not bend the harness at awkward and tight angles; some of the delicate wires may break. Close the screws on the E Box once more. Do not use a power driver for this task. Instead, tighten by hand in a crisscross pattern across the box. This will ensure that you are carefully able to tighten the screws, and not drive in new thread patterns in the E Box. Using an authentic Kawasaki rubber gasket can also help avoid the issue of over tightening.

In the end, you must remember that all motorized transports are only as good as the regularity of the care you give them. Drying the E Box area after each use, ensuring that salt water does not get into the wiring area, and servicing the engine and all associated parts regularly are just some of the ways you can keep your Kawasaki Jet Ski in tip top shape. Replacing faulty or old wiring harnesses is just the tip of the iceberg; following up on all the little odds and ends will make certain that each time you take out your Jet Ski is one of the best times of your life.

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