How To Reply To A Personal Ad

Replying to a personal ad is like taking a hard test but having all the answers. It Eliminates the anxiety that comes with actually approaching someone and introducing yourself to them in real life. Not only do you have some key information on the person you're replying to, you also have time to review what you say and how you say it before your response. Breathe easy, replying to a personal ad is the easiest thing you'll ever do in the dating game.

  1. Review the material. Don't just look at the pictures. A good looking picture doesn't mean you'll get along with the girl. So, before you reply to a personal ad, make sure you review what the person in question says about herself. She may look ok, but if she's into, lets say, tasting human flesh, you may not want to reach out to her.
  2. Introduce yourself. After you've found someone that's not interested in shrinking human heads (no offense if you're in to that) you can construct your response. Make sure you use good grammar. Even if she used a million and one abbreviations, for your first correspondence, refrain from doing the same. Introduce yourself in your response, just like you'd do in person.
  3. Showcase your qualities. When replying to a personal ad, it's important that you tell her your good qualities. But do it without sounding arrogant. If you're good at something say you enjoy it. Don't say something like "I love basketball and I always own every chump I play against". You'll sound like a self centered dork. You always want to make open ended comments about yourself. By that I mean, share information with her, but don't go so deep into what you're talking about now, that you won't have anything to say about yourself later. Get it?
  4. Tell her about yourself, but not too much. It's important that she knows enough about you to manifest an interest. She doesn't, however, need your life story just yet. When replying to her personal ad, remind yourself that this is the first time you guys are meeting. This is just an introductory period. Your object is to convince her to meet you in person not chase her away.
  5. Point out some of your similarities. Make sure she knows that you guys have some things common. Don't tell her you like every thing she likes however. It'll make you look like you're trying too hard to meet her. Even if you guys do have everything in common, keep some of it to yourself. You'll don't want to impede the chance of grow and learning about each other in the real world. How about giving her the abridged version in the cyber world?
  6. Don't be afraid to share some of your dislikes. This is another way to establish yourself as a real person. Everyone has certain things that bother them. Just don't dwell on the negative too much. No one want's a guy with a permanent dark cloud over his head.
  7. Include a picture. Don't be scared to show her what you look like because she's going to find out at some point anyway. The picture you choose to accompany your personal ad should be current. Don't show her your old wrestling pic from 96'. Choose a relatively new pic that shows you acting naturally. Stay away from posing. Remember, you want her to know you're a real person. You want her to develop a decent level of comfort with you so she'll want to meet you at some point.
  8. Be honest.The most important element to you replying to a personal ad is your honesty. Don't exaggerate stuff about yourself because the truth will come out eventually. Don't prey on women either. There's enough scum bags in the real world dating game. There's no need for you to infect cyber space with this sort of debauchery.
  9. Sit back and wait. When you've completed your ad, and checked it over, send it off. Now all you can do is wait for a response. Or, find someone else to meet. Good Luck and happy hunting.
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