How To Report A Stolen BMX Bike

If you've got your bike stolen, learn how to report a stolen BMX bike. Things like bikes, scooters skateboards and related items get stolen all the time. Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do about it.

You could use some of these things to help you report a stolen BMX:

  • Computer with internet
  • Computer paper or poster paper
  • Marking pens for the poster paper
  • Realistic attitude toward getting the BMX bike returned
  • Smaller ad newspaper


  1. Look online for some help. There are websites online where you can locate stolen property. You may have to sign up, make a password, and create a username. But maybe it would help you to report a stolen BMX bike.
  2. Go to popular auction sites. Look up your BMX bike description and check the listings. Check any lost and found listings too. You never know, maybe someone was actually honest in the end.
  3. Put up flyers to report a stolen BMX bike. But don't put any expectations on it. Put flyers on poles where it is legal. Put a picture of the BMX bike to give people an idea of what they are supposed to keep an eye out for.
  4. Ads in smaller, local paper. Pick up a free ad listing newspaper at your local grocery store or convenient store. Look through it to see if there is any BMX bike that matches the description of your BMX bike. You can also report a stolen BMX bike in an ad on one of the listings.
  5. Don't be pessimistic, but do be realistic. The odds of you finding your stolen BMX bike are pretty slim. But there is a small chance. If you have the serial number of you stolen BMX bike that is even more helpful since you can list that in the database above and the listing in smaller newspaper ad listings.
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