How To Report Stolen Mail

Here's how to report stolen mail to the United States Postal Service.  There are few situations as unnerving as not receiving a letter you know was sent, or having your mail stolen.  If you ever suspect that you are a victim of tampered with or stolen mail, you should contact your local U.S. Post Office or visit the Web site cited below, which is a direct link to the form the U.S. Postal Service Inspection form.  Regardless of how you contact the U.S. Post Office to report stolen mail, you should be prepared to offer the following information:

  1. Whether the mail was not received, was received but tampered with, or the envelope was received but the contents were missing.
  2. Your mailing information, home phone, work phone, and e-mail information ready.
  3. How your mail is delivered (ie, porch, rural box, business, apartment panel, neighborhood cluster box, door slot, or other).
  4. The name, company, full address, home phone, and work phone for both who the article was mailed from and who the article was mailed to.
  5. The type of mail (ie, letter size mail, large envelope, or parcel), the class of the mail, the date mailed, and the tracking number (if applicable).
  6. The contents of the tampered with or stolen mail.
  7. If you know any suspects who may have tampered with the mail, provide contact information, a description of the person's appearance, and information regarding what type of vehicle the suspect may be driving.
  8. If the police have already been notified regarding your stolen mail, please provide the name of the police department and a police report number.
  9. A full description of the complaint.
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