How To Reset Air Suspension On Range Rover

Knowing how to reset the air suspension on your Range Rover can help save money as well as improve the comfort of your car. The EAS ECU that your Range Rover has is actually an electronic control module that is also abbreviated as an ESM. It is the computer on the Range Rover that stores and generates different fault codes. These fault codes, including the air suspension codes, are displayed on the screen as and when maintenance is required after regular use. These codes are also generated the moment an actual issue comes up and requires your immediate attention. Once the diagnostic scanning is done and the problem is resolved, you will have to find out how you can reset the EAS ECU system.

Things you will need to reset the air suspension on a Range Rover:

  • Socket set
  • Socket wrench
  1. Open the Range Rover hood to get to the area needed to reset the air suspension. Locate the retaining nut that’s sitting on the clamp connected to the negative terminal of the battery. Loosen this nut.
  2. Remove the clamp from the Range Rover’s battery terminal.
  3. Wait for a minute to allow the ECU to reset. Soon, the fault codes will be cleared from the EAS ECU system.  This will reset the old signal that causes the air suspension on the Range Rover.
  4. Put the cable clamp back in to the negative terminal of the battery of the Range Rover.
  5. Put the retaining nut back on the EAS ECU of the Range Rover in order to secure the cable clamp with the battery terminal and have the air suspension reset.
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