How To Reset Airbag Light On A Dodge

Need to know how to reset the airbag light on a Dodge? Sometimes the airbag light goes off for a good reason. Other times the airbag light is tripped by a bump in the road and needs to be reset. Once reset, you will know if you have a problem with the airbag light on your Dodge.

To reset the airbag light on a Dodge, you will need:

  • A wrench or socket set
  • Leather work gloves
  • Internet access
  1. Work on a cool car. You do not want to work on your car if it is hot. Open the hood and secure the hood with the safety latch. Put on your work gloves and move over to the battery. Take the battery cable off the negative side with your wrench. Set the cable away from the battery. You do not want to have the cable reconnect with the battery for the next ten minutes.
  2. Leave the negative battery disconnected for ten minutes. This will give the car time reset. After ten minutes, reconnect the negative battery cable on your Dodge. Put the hood down and sit in the driver’s seat. Your airbag light on your Dodge should not come back on.
  3. If the airbag light comes back on, there is a problem with your Dodge. Drive your Dodge to a local auto parts store. Many auto parts stores will run a scan on your car’s system for free. Have the auto parts store attendant run a scan on your Dodge. Explain to them about the problem you have with your airbag light. They will run the scan and will come up with a code. They will look up this code and let you know what is wrong with your Dodge.
  4. If you can fix your own car, buy the part and fix it yourself. After you fix your car, reconnect your battery cable and the airbag light will be gone.
  5. If the problem is beyond your expertise, go online. Look to see if there are any recalls on your particular Dodge. There could be a recall on your vehicle. There could be a problem with the airbag or airbag light. There could be a problem within the system. The dealer will have to fix it. If it is on recall, they will fix it for free.
  6. This is your last choice. If your car is not under recall for the particular problem with your airbag light, take your car to a reputable dealer. They will find out what is wrong and fix it for you. These repairs could be expensive, so use this step as your last resort.
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