How To Reset Blackberry 8100

If you've got a Blackberry 8100 and would like to sell it or transfer it to another person, you need to know how to reset Blackberry 8100 to factory settings. It's very important to remove all of your user data along with any applications you've purchased before turning over your Blackberry Pearl 8100 to a new owner or you could be compromising your security. If you're planning on buying another Blackberry or smart phone and want to use your phone book or any other information you have on your old Blackberry Pearl 8100, make sure you backup your data to your computer.

  1. To reset your Blackberry 8100 to factory settings, find the icon for "Options." The icon for "Options" looks like a wrench tool. You might have to scroll down to find the icon as it's probably toward the bottom of all of your icons. Click the "Options" icon.
  2. Click on "Security Options" and then click "General Settings." Under "General Settings," click "Wipe handheld." Wiping the handheld will remove all of your user data such as your address book, texts and phone call logs.
  3. Although "Wipe handheld" will remove your user data, you're not done if you want to reset your Blackberry 8100 to factory settings as you still need to remove any applications you've installed. To remove your downloaded applications, go back and click on the "Options" icon again.
  4. Click on "Advanced Options" and then "Applications" where you can delete all applications. Your Blackberry Pearl 8100 is now cleaned of any personal or application data you may have installed.
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