How To Reset Blackberry 8310

A new Curve owner should get well acquainted with how to reset Blackberry 8310 systems; luckily, it's not hard! The Blackberry 8310 (more commonly known as the "Blackberry Curve" or the "Curve 83xx") is part of the 8300 series of mobile phones developed by Research in Motion. The Blackberry 8310 was released with in 2007 by RIM to many ecstatic customers. You can learn how to reset Blackberry 8310 devices here by reading the steps below.

To reset your Blackberry 8310, you will need:

  • Blackberry 8310 smartphone
  • Blackberry 8310 battery
  • Manual
  • Cover and box
  • Receipt of Purchase
  1. Power on your Blackberry. To reset Blackberry 8310 systems, turn on your phone by using the "on" button (which is also the "End" key). Hold the "on" button until your system has successfully booted.
  2. Perform a soft reset. Press the key combination ALT + CAP + Delete in that order to perform a soft reset of your systems. You will have to press and hold the key combination more than once, so keep trying until the Blackberry 8310 restarts and resets.
  3. Perform a hard reset. If the above tip didn't work, remove the battery from the Blackberry to end all processes. Reinsert the battery into the casing so that the Blackberry logo is facing up.
  4. If all else fails, perform a master reset. This is optional, considering that ordering a master reset of your Blackberry 8310 will result in all data loss. Select the "Settings" icon, go to "Options", then "Security Options", and finally "General Settings". Press the menu key and confirm that indeed, you want to wipe the handheld. Your Blackberry 8310 will remind you that all data will be lost, so you must confirm once again.
  5. Bring to Blackberry store if the device is still no good. Have your receipt, original box, phone, battery, and manual all in the original casing. Take the package to your local authorized Blackberry dealer (or whoever sold you the product) and bring up your issues with them. If a hard/soft reset and master reset aren't working, the phone must be refurbished or replaced.

While it is not that hard to reset Blackberry 8310 smartphones, caution must be taken. A hard/soft reset is usually the way to go, and if that doesn't work most people will normally call Blackberry support. Be safe, and good luck fixing your Blackberry Curve!

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