How To Reset BlackBerry Pearl 8110

Wondering how to reset your BlackBerry Pearl 8110? If you've mistakenly think you've done something to your Blackberry and you don't know how to restore it back to its working function, you may need to reset your Blackberry Pearl. Follow these steps to reset your Blackberry Pearl 8110. 

  1. Press the BlackBerry Pearl key to pull up the menu icons. Use the trackball to scroll down towards "Options." Press the trackball down to open up the options. 
  2. Scroll down the categories and highlight "Security Options." Press down on the trackball to open the option. From the security screen, scroll up to "General Settings." Highlight it and press down on the trackball. 
  3. When the "General Settings" is brought up, press the BlackBerry icon to pull up another option. In this small screen highlight the word "Wipe Handheld." A message will inform you that all applications of your data will be lost and your BlackBerry Pearl 8110 services will be reset. 
  4. Once you click "OK" you will be required to enter either your password, the last four digits of your number, or a default code that was provided by the manufacturer. Click "OK" and this will pull up a message saying that it's erasing your BlackBerry information and to not pull out the battery until it has finished erasing. 
  5. Once it's finished it will reset your phone's information and it will erase information saved to the SIM card. Take out the SIM card if you don't want your information to be erased. You will reset your BlackBerry Pearl 8110 to manufacturer settings.   
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