How To Reset Check Engine Light On Volkswagen Jetta

If you have recently noticed the check engine light on your Jetta you may be wondering how to reset check engine light on Volkswagen Jetta. The process to reset the check engine light on the Volkswagen Jetta will require a specialized Scan Tool that plugs into the Jetta onboard computer. It is important to determine what the cause of the check engine light is on your Volkswagen Jetta before you reset the check engine light. Failing to repair the cause of the check engine light will cause it to return after resetting it.

Tools required:

  • Handheld Scanner
  1. Locate the OBD II port. Look under the dashboard on your Volkswagen Jetta. Bend down and look under the dashboard to better locate the OBD II port on your Volkswagen Jetta. This is where you will plug the scanner tool to reset the check engine light on your Volkswagen Jetta.
  2. Connect the handheld scanner. Connect the cable from the handheld scanner to the OBD II port that you located in step one. This will allow you access to the diagnostic information stored by the on-board computer.
  3. Power on the scanner. Power on the scanner, for specific instructions consult the scanner manual.
  4. Select engine codes. On the handheld scanner select the option for "Engine Codes". This may be listed as something different depending on your Volkswagen Jetta scanner. Consult the manual for specific instructions.
  5. Clear the code. Select the code and press the option to "Clear" or "Reset" the code. Again, this may vary based on your Volkswagen Jetta scanner, consult the manual for specific information on your handheld scanner.

Additional Information:

  • Removing the ECM or PCM fuse for around sixty seconds will reset the check engine light on some Volkswagen Jetta. This is not a recommended solution.
  • Most major automotive outlets sell and loan handheld scanners for the Volkswagen Jetta.
  • The check engine light will come right back on if you don't determine the cause first and repair it on your Volkswagen Jetta.
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