How To Reset Engine Light On A 2001 Jaguar

Do you need to reset the engine light on a 2001 Jaguar? If so, then it may be one of the easiest things you have done on your car. The engine light could come on at anytime and when it comes on it may stay on forever until you do something about it. The engine light on a 2001 Jaguar could be on for something as simple as leaving a gas cap off. The bad thing about it is, is that once you fix the problem the light may resume to stay on. Follow these simple steps to reset the engine light on your 2001 Jaguar:

Things you will need:

  • Wrench
  1. Open your hood and locate the battery on your 2001 Jaguar. That's right, in order to reset the engine light yourself on a 2001 Jaguar, you would have to deal with the battery. The battery may be responsible for resetting various things in your car. Such as, your radio and possible your engine light.
  2. Disconnect the positive and negative battery cable. You would need to disconnect the cables using a wrench. Be sure to disconnect the negative battery cable before the positive one. This would prevent sparks. Let the cables stay off for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Replace the battery cables. Start with the negative cable first. Then, put the positive battery cable back on. Make sure the bolts are tight.
  4. Start engine. You would need to re-start the engine to retest the engine light. It should be reset, but if it comes back on, there may be a problem with your 2001 Jaguar that you did not resolve. If you are sure there aren't any problems, then it is best to take your 2001 Jaguar to a professional for engine light resetting.
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