How To Reset The ESP Light On A Mercedes Benz

You want to know how to reset the ESP light on a Mercedes Benz. The ESP light is the “electronic stability program.” This ESP light will detect malfunctions in your Mercedes Benz. It could be something as simple as a bump in the road that will make your Mercedes Benz ESP light go off. Resetting the ESP light is an easy do it yourself job.

What You Will Need:

  • Your finger
  • Wrench
  • Work gloves


  1. The simplest way to reset the ESP light on your Mercedes Benz is by pushing the reset button. Push on the ESP reset button. If the button resets, this is good. It means there was a slight malfunction in the system. You probably hit a bump and it set off the ESP light.
  2. If the ESP button did not shut off, try this. Open the hood of your Mercedes Benz and secure it with the safety arm. Put on your gloves. Take off the negative battery cable with your wrench. Set the battery cable away from the battery.
  3. Wait five or ten minutes. Reconnect the negative battery cable. Take your Mercedes Benz for a test drive. The ESP light should not come back on. If it does, you need to have the computer system of your Mercedes Benz checked out.
  4. Drive to a local auto parts store. Have the attendant do a free computer analysis of your car. They will check to see if your Mercedes Benz shoots out any codes. They will check the codes and let you know what is wrong with your Mercedes Benz.
  5. Fix your Mercedes Benz yourself if you are able to. If not, you will have to take a trip to the dealership. Tell the dealer what codes came up. They will do their own analysis of your Mercedes Benz. They will fix what is wrong, but it most likely will be expensive.
  6. Hopefully, you were able to reset the ESP on your Mercedes Benz yourself. It is also possible that Mercedes will have a recall on your car because of the ESP light. Your dealer will be able to tell you about this information.


If your ESP light does not reset, there is likely a bigger problem with your car.

If you have a manufacturer's warranty, the ESP light may be covered under the warranty.

Use gloves when working on your car.

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