How to Reset Honda Radio Code

You want to know how to reset your Honda radio code. When the battery dies on your Honda, the radio goes with it. Honda set your radio up like this to protect you from thieves. If somebody steals the radio from your Honda, the thief cannot use it. You will have to reset the radio code on your Honda.

To reset the radio code on your Honda, you will need:

  • Owner’s manual
  • VIN number of your Honda
  • Correct personal information Honda has about you and your vehicle
  • The serial number on your radio
  • Pen and paper
  • phone
  1. Reconnect your battery to see if the radio on your Honda will work. You have to reset the radio code. You can look in the owner’s manual of your Honda and get the code. The code will be in the owner’s manual. If it is not, you may have written it down in the back of the manual. If you do not have the manual or the code, you need to get the information from Honda.
  2. Write the VIN number of your Honda down on a piece of paper. You can find the VIN number on the windshield of your car and on your insurance paperwork.
  3. Write the serial number down for your particular radio. Honda matches up your radio with the person who owns the vehicle. You will have to call Honda with the information. Honda will give you the radio code if you give them the correct information. You will have to have the correct phone number and zip code Honda has to get your code.
  4. Call Honda with the appropriate information. You can also put the information into the proper form online. Go to put all the correct information into the form. When you reach the end of the form, Honda will give you the code to reset your Honda radio.
  5. Go to the radio and put the code into your Honda radio. You reset your Honda radio code. Your radio will work properly for you.


  • Make sure the information is correct before you call Honda or go to their website
  • Write down your Honda radio reset code for future use



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