How To Reset iPod Shuffle

Do you want to know how to reset your iPod Shuffle? There are three generations of iPod Shuffles, but the process is the same. It is easy to reset your iPod Shuffle. Follow the simple instructions and you will be able to reset your iPod Shuffle in no time.

  • Things You Will Need:

    • Your iPod Shuffle
    1. Your iPod Shuffle is locked-up and you need to figure out how to reset your iPod Shuffle. If you have your iPod connected to the Internet, disconnect it. This may be part of your problem. You may have done something on the Internet that locked-up your iPod Shuffle. It may be due to the fact that your version of iTunes is the latest version.
    2. Find the shut off button on your iPod Shuffle. There are three generations of iPod Shuffles affected by this problem and they all have shut-off buttons in different places. Turn your iPod Shuffle off.
    3. You are supposed to keep your iPod Shuffle off for five minutes to reset it. Keep it off for at least thirty seconds. Thirty seconds go by fast and you will know for sure you have had your iPod off long enough.
    4. Turn your iPod Shuffle on and move the Shuffle to play. You have reset your iPod Shuffle. Look through your playlists, try your iPod out and make sure everything is working they way it should be working.
    5. If you have other problems with your iPod Shuffle, go to the Apple troubleshooting site where they will have FAQ’s to help answer any of your problems.
    6. If your iPod Shuffle works well, use it like you would normally use it. Enjoy your music!


    • Updating your computer to the latest version of ITunes will help your iPod Shuffle work its best at all times. 


     iPod shuffle troubleshooting and service FAQ



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