How To Reset A Magellan GPS

Learning how to reset you Magellan GPS can be a useful trick. A GPS usually does not require a reset, but on the rare occasion it locks up or provides inaccurate information, they may require fine-tuning. It can be quite frustrating while out camping or on the road when your GPS support device goes awry. There are several ways to reset your Magellan GPS. If you find you are having repeat issues, the factory option may be your best bet.

Things you'll need:

  • A Magellan GPS

Self reset or reset for initial use:

  1. Make sure you are on the main menu. Press the "+," "+," "-," "+" and "-" keys on the touch screen.
  2. This sequence of buttons will open a hidden menu. This menu will allow you to access a hard reset option.
  3. Activate the hard reset option and wait. The Magellan GPS will appear to shut down but come right back up.
  4. You should be returned to the main menu. Use the touch screen and validate that the reset took.

Factory reset:

  1. Go to Magellan's official website and open a ticket to "Submit a Ticket." Complete the form and provided the needed information
  2. Wait for your response via email. They will provide a "Return Authorization." This is important because Magellan will charge $25 without one.
  3. Magellan will provide you with shipping instructions. Follow the instructions as documented. Do not change, alter or make up your own.
  4. Send in your Magellan GPS. You can track the progress of your Magellan GPS though their website.

In-store reset:

  1. Contact your local retailer and ask if they have an in-store service center. If they do, take your GPS in. If not, you will have to use one of the previous two options.
  2. Take your Magellan GPS to the in-store service center and explain your issue. They will determine if they can repair the GPS or if it requires factory support. Discuss your options fully and decide on the best outcome for you.
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