How To Reset Maintenance Required Light On Honda Accord

Learning how to reset maintenance required light on Honda Accord may be necessary at some point, particularly if you choose to have your Accord serviced at an independent shop. The "maintenance required" light is known as the "Maintenance Minder" system by Honda. It simply reminds you when its time to bring your Accord in for an oil change.

To reset the maintenance-required light on your Honda Accord:

  1. Perform the required maintenance. Resetting the maintenance-required light won't do any good if you haven't had the Accord serviced. Honda recommends bringing your Accord to a Honda dealer for servicing. If you choose to do so, the Honda dealer may reset the maintenance-required light for you. Nevertheless, you may bring the Accord to an independent service shop for your maintenance and oil changes. If you do this, you'll always need to reset the maintenance-required light on your own.
  2. Reset the maintenance-required light by placing the key into the ignition.
  3. Turn the ignition on without starting the motor.
  4. Press the "Select" stem on the speedometer until you see "Oil" or the wrench icon, depending on which model your Accord is. Then press and hold "Select" for about ten seconds, until the icon starts blinking.
  5. Release the stem, and then press and hold "Select" again for about five seconds.
  6. The maintenance-required light disappears and the system resets. It won't reappear until your next scheduled maintenance interval.

Tip: Make sure your ignition is turned to "On" (mark two) and not "Acc." The engine should not be running; if it is, the procedure won't work.

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