How To Reset My iHome

When you find yourself thinking "How to reset my iHome?" it is likely because it is not functioning properly. Learning how to reset your iHome will enable you to clear all the settings and potentially clear any errors or incorrect settings. Furthermore the question of how to reset an iHome can be as simple as learning how to reset the clock on your iHome. Regardless of whether or not you are asking "How to reset my iHome" to completely reset it or simply reset the clock, this article will provide you with the answer.

  1. Remove the iPhone. Remove your iPhone or your iPod from the iHome. Simply lift up on the device to detach it from the iHome.
  2. Remove power sources. Disconnect the wall plug that goes from the iHome to the wall socket. Remove the backup batteries that are stored in your iHome.
  3. Wait. Ensure that you have disconnected all power and removed the batteries. Wait thirty minutes before proceeding to step four.
  4. Restore power. Reinstall the backup batteries that you removed from your iHome in step three. Plug the iHome unit back into the wall outlet.
  5. Reset the clock. Press and hold the "Time Zone" button until the display begins to flash. Turn the wheel until your time zone is selected on the screen. Press the "Time Zone" button one more time and wait for your iHome to automatically set the time.


  • These steps will reset both the iHome and the time on your iHome
  • If these steps did not resolve the problem, then you should consult your iHome User Manual.
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