How To Reset Nokia 2610

Knowing how to reset the Nokia 2610 can come in handy when you are having major issues with the device.  Many of the issues you may encounter with the Nokia 2610 can be resolved by simply taking the device to the point when you first took it out of the box.  Although you will lose all of your information on the phone, you will most likely clear up device issues.

  1. To reset the Nokia 2610 you will need to access your phone's menu.  The menu can be reached by pressing the Menu key from the home screen.  If you do not have the option to go to the Nokia 2610's menu because you are in another application, simply exit out of that application by hitting the End key.  
  2. Now that you are in the device's menu, select the Settings icon.  You can locate the Settings icon to reset the Nokia 2610 by scrolling down with the up and down keys.  On most Nokia 2610's, the Settings icon is located on the third row on the right hand side.  
  3. You next step in resetting the Nokia 2610 is to scroll down and select the Restore Settings option.  The Restore Settings option will prompt you to enter a security code.  Unless you have changed the code, the default security code for the Nokia 2610 is 12345.  
  4. The last step to reset the Nokia 2610 is to wait.  Sounds easy enough, right?  While the phone is resetting, you will see a message that advises you to wait while the Nokia 2610 is being reset or restored.  Once the Nokia 2610 has been reset, it should power off and on.  

At this point, your Nokia 2610 should be reset.  All of your contacts, text, and other information should be completely gone from the device.  



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