How To Reset Nokia 6263 Security Code

To better secure your mobile phone, you will need to learn how to reset Nokia 6263 security code. The security code on the Nokia 6263 is a simple five digit code by default, typically not required to unlock the phone. Activating advanced security settings on the Nokia 6263 will utilize the default security how, however it is not aparrant how to reset Nokia 6263 security code. The process is very simple and can be done in just a few minutes on the Nokia 6263.

  1. Navigate to the settings menu. Starting at the home screen of the Nokia 6263, press the "Menu" key. Highlight "Settings" and press "OK".
  2. Locate the security menu. Highlight "Security" and press "OK".
  3. Locate the access codes option. Highlight "Access codes" and press "OK'. You will now be on the security code menu.
  4. Change the security code. Highlight "Change security code" and press "OK". If you have never created a security code, there may not be an option which reads "Change security code". The option will instead read, "Create security code".
  5. Type the current security code. If this is the first time making a security code, you can skip this step. Enter the current security code and press "OK".
  6. Enter the new security code. Using the keypad enter a new security code. Press "OK" when finished.
  7. Verify the security code. When prompted, re-enter the new security code. Press "OK" to complete the process and change the security code.

Additional Information:

  • It is not possible to reset the security code if you have forgotten the existing code on the Nokia 6263. An authorized Nokia service center would be able to perform a "flash" of the Nokia 6263 removing the code.
  • The security code on the Nokia 6263 is five digits long.
  • The default security code for the Nokia 6263 is 12345.
  • It is best to avoid using extra simple codes such as all zeros or all fives; these are easily figured out and do not protect your Nokia 6263.
  • The security code can be used both to protect the Nokia 6263 on startup and every time it is locked.
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