How to Reset Oakley Thump 512 Sunglasses

Here are instructions for how to reset Oakley Thump 512 sunglasses. Yes, you may have encountered a momentary blip on the radar of cutting edge technology, but this article will guide you back to melodious waters.  But before proceeding to the “reset” instructions, here’s just enough background information on your Oakley Thump to reinforce your growing technology arsenal.  

The concept of merging a digital audio MP3 Player with a pair of sunglasses became a reality in the form of Oakley Thump 512 sunglasses. The first of its kind, The Oakley Thump is powered by a built-in lithium-ion Polymer battery that can play up to six hours on a three hour charge. The Oakley Thump has a storage capacity of 512 MB and can hold up to 120 songs as well as data files, which have been transferred from your computer.  The Oakley Thump is impressive by anyone’s standards, and there is even more.

Just imagine yourself biking, walking or soaking up some rays on the beach listening to your favorite AAC, MP3, WMA or WAV music files on your Oakley Thump, as your Oakley sunglasses make you look good doing it behind pure Plutonite lenses that filter out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light. There’s more that could be added, but the case has been made the Oakley Thump is an innovation in wearable electronics.  

Most problems with the Oakley Thump 512 sunglasses can be solved by following these simple “reset ” instructions.

  1. Hold down the Play/Pause button and the Previous Song/Rewind button simultaneously.
  2. When reset step does not work.   You have the option to restore or update internal software.
  3. The downside of restoring internal software.   When reset does not work and restore internal software option is chosen all music and data files will be zapped, obliterated, erased.
  4. Update internal software.   When reset does not work and update internal software option is chosen all music and data files stored on your Oakley Thump will not be affected. 

Now that you have instructions for how to reset Oakley Thump 512 Sunglasses and your Oakley Thump is thumping out tunes again, your ‘electronically challenged’ moniker can be ditched.    



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