How To Reset PSP System Setting

Maybe a setting has made your PSP unstable, or maybe you just want to start from scratch and clear everything off, either way you might be wondering how to reset the PSP to it's default system settings. With many video game systems getting closer and closer to the computer in terms of how they work, it is necessary to have a few failsafes to take things back to scratch. Luckily the PSP has just such an option.

  1. Turn it on. The first step is to turn your PSP on. After you do, navigate to the menu and then select "System Settings" with a press of your x button.
  2. Default. Find the option that says "Restore Default Settings" and select it. It will give you a warning screen that mentions all of your settings will be reset to the first day you owned the thing. Select yes if you are sure that is what you want to do. It would be a good idea to make backups of anything you would like to save, as resetting to the default PSP system settings will delete any internally saved materials. Now, your PSP will be back to its cleanest state—but what if there is something wrong with it from the start and you can't get to the menu? There is one other option.
  3. Remove the battery. Some people have had luck with removing the battery while the system is still powered up. This can be dangerous and would not be suggested normally, but if your PSP isn't starting up at all you may have little choice.
  4. Hold the shoulders. Now press and hold both of the clear shoulder buttons on the top of the PSP while the PSP reboots. After a few seconds a "recovery" mode should be activated. This will put your PSP into the default settings.
  5. Recover. Press down on the control pad and you should locate a "Recovery" folder. This will have all your games, music, and anything else you had saved. You can choose which ones you want to restore onto your PSP, and that should be it!
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