How To Reset Range Rover Tire Monitors

Do you want to know how to reset Range Rover tire monitors? The Range Rover is a luxury vehicle. Luxury vehicles have toys that ordinary vehicles do not have. This is why luxury vehicles cost much more than your average vehicle. The Range Rover has a special tire pressure monitoring system. This system’s light will go off when the pressure (in your tires) is not correct. It is easy to shut this light off.

Things You Will Need To Reset Range Rover Tire Monitors:

  • Tire gage
  • Leather work gloves
  • Air compressor
  • Owner’s manual
  1. Drive your Range Rover into your driveway. You will need level ground to reset the Range Rover tire monitors. If your driveway is not level, park your Range Rover in your garage or somewhere else that is level ground. Turn your vehicle off and engage the parking (emergency) brake.
  2. Open your Range Rover owner’s manual and find out what the pressure needs to be in your tires. You may also find this information on the inside of the vehicle door. Many tires also tell you what pressure they need to be on the side of the tire. The owner’s manual is the best place to check.
  3. Take the valve stem covers off each tire. Put the four valve stem covers into your pocket until you are finished with the tires. Valve stem covers are small and it is easy to lose them. You do not want to lose your valve stem covers on your Range Rover
  4. Take your tire gage and check the air pressure on each tire individually. If the air pressure is too low, use the air compressor to fill the tire up to the correct pressure. If the pressure is to high take, the Tire gage and push on the inner stem and let the appropriate amount of air out of your tire.
  5. Do this with all four tires on your Range Rover. Once the tires are at the proper weight, it is time to test your Range Rover and see if the tire monitor is reset. Put the valve stem covers back on each of the valve stems of your tires.
  6. Go back into your Range Rover and start it up. Take the emergency brake and take your Range Rover for a test drive. Drive the Range Rover for ten to fifteen minutes. The tire monitors will reset themselves as long as you filled each tire to the appropriate level.
  7. Drive back home. Put all your tools away and drive your Range Rover normally. You have reset the tire monitor on your Range Rover.


  • Fill tires to appropriate levels
  • Do not lose your valve stem covers
  • If your tires have green stems, you will need to have somebody replace the nitrogen in your tires.
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