How To Reset Remote Locking On An Audi

If you want to know how to reset the remote locking on an Audi, then it's likely that your battery has died on your remote locking, and the system needs to be reset. When you lose a key and buy a new key, your Audi remote locking system will have to be reset. Resetting the Audi remote locking is an easy thing to do.


What You Will Need:

  • The remote
  • New batteries if batteries are dead
  • Time and patience

  1. Step into your Audi and close all of the doors. Take your remote in your hands. If the remote needed new batteries, you would have changed the batteries before this step. Put the key in the ignition and turn the ignition to the on position. Do not start your car.
  2. Lock the doors of your Audi from the inside of your car. The lock should be on the inside of your driver side door.  Press the lock button on the keyless remote for your Audi.
  3. Wait until the parking lights of your Audi flash on. When they do, press the unlock button on your keyless remote for your Audi. The doors of your Audi should now unlock. If they do not, try the above process from the beginning. If the doors unlock, go on.
  4. Lock the door manually once again from the inside of your Audi. Click on the keyless remote lock button quickly two times. Your parking lights on your Audi will once again flash on in a few seconds. If they do not, try it again.
  5. You have reset the remote locking on your Audi. Remove the key from the ignition. Open the car doors and step out of your Audi. Shut the door to your car. Test your keyless remote and make sure it works. Lock and unlock your car a couple of times.
  6. You are finished. The remote locking for your Audi has been reset by you. If you have another keyless remote, go through the whole process with the extra key.


The process is different for all cars, so be patient.

You can easily reset the remote locking on your Audi by yourself.

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