How To Reset A Samsonite Briefcase Combination

Do you want to know how to reset a Samsonite briefcase combination? If you forgot your Samsonite briefcase combination, you will need to know how to reset it. You need things inside your Samsonite briefcase to be safe from people who might want to look at your private papers. Resetting a Samsonite briefcase combination is an easy thing to do.

To reset a Samsonite briefcase combination, you will need:

  • A Samsonite briefcase
  • A three-digit briefcase code
  1. Come up with a three-digit code that you can easily remember. This code can be anything, as long as it is something you will remember. It would be a good idea to write down the number somewhere. You can write it on paper or you can keep it in a safe place on your computer.
  2. If there is a red packing arrow on your Samsonite briefcase, remove it. If you are resetting your Samsonite briefcase, it is likely you no longer have the red packing arrow still attached to the briefcase. If you do, remove it.
  3. Locate the button or lever next to the numbers. If there is a button, hold this button down while you rotate the dials to your desired setting. This setting would be the numbers you chose in step one. If it is a lever, move the lever to the lower position. Rotate the numbers on your Samsonite briefcase dials to your desired setting. Again, this setting would be the numbers you chose in step one. After you set the numbers, put the lever back to its original position.
  4. You have reset your Samsonite briefcase combination. The combination is now set to your new desired three-digit code. Make sure you test the three-digit code to see if you can open your Samsonite briefcase.
  5. Your new code works for your Samsonite briefcase. Congratulations, you have reset your Samsonite briefcase and set up your desired new combination.



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