How To Reset A Samsung T819 Cellphone

Looking for directions on how to reset a Samsung T819 cellphone? There are several reasons for needing to reset a Samsung T819, such as the phone is no longer functioning due to the default settings being changed. You are able to reset all of the settings, or individual settings, including phone settings, display settings, sound profiles, and alarm.

  1. Performing the Reset. To start the process to reset a Samsung T819, wait for your phone to go idle and then press "Menu." Select "Settings" from the Menu screen and press the "OK" key. From the Settings menu, select "Reset" settings and then press the "OK" key. When the next screen appears, you will need to use the Up and Down navigation keys to select which setting(s) you wish to reset on your Samsung T819. Press the "OK" key when you have made your selection.
  2. Saving the Changes. After you have selected which setting(s) you wish to reset on your Samsung T819 and you have pressed the "OK" key, you will need to save the new settings. If you have created a password, you will need to enter that password in order to proceed with and save the reset. Enter your password when prompted and press the "Confirm" key. Your Samsung T819 will ask you the following question: "Reset Settings?" Press the "Yes" key and the default settings will be restored.

Tips and Warnings

  • When your Samsung T819 asks "Reset Settings?" and you press the "Yes" key, any settings you have applied will be lost. If you change your mind at the last minute, press the "No" key to cancel the reset.
  • If you do not remember the password that you have set for your password, you will need to contact Samsung and/or your mobile service provider.



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