How To Reset Scion Tc Maintenence Required Light

If you want to know how to reset Your Scion TC maintenance required light you'll need to make sure you change your oil at least every five thousand miles on your Scion TC. If you change the oil yourself, you need to learn how to reset the maintenance required light on your Scion TC. Resetting the maintenance required light on your Scion TC is a piece of cake. Once you learn it the first time, you will be able to reset the light yourself every time you change the oil on your Scion TC.

  1. Pull your Scion TC into your driveway and turn the engine off. Look at your dashboard. You will see a trip and an odometer display.
  2. Turn on your Scion TC back on. Make sure your odometer display is showing. You do not want the trip display. The odometer display shows you how many actual miles you have driven your Scion TC.
  3. Push the button in and keep it pushed in. You will see the light flash for a few seconds. Once the light has finished flashing, release your finger from the button.
  4. When you turn your key to accessories, push down the button again. You will see dashes in the display. Each dash is equal to one thousand miles. Keep the button on until you reach the fifth dash. This will tell your Scion TC to turn the maintenance light on after you drive another five thousand miles. This will remind you that it is time for you to change the oil on your Scion TC.
  5. Shut your car to off and turn it back on. You have finished resetting the maintenance required light on your Scion TC. It will light up again after five more thousand miles of driving.
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