How To Reset Xbox 360 Console

Okay, so you  messed up the settings on your Xbox 360, which means you have to know how to reset Xbox 360 console. You were playing with your settings and now you cannot get on Xbox Live and do not know what to do. Well, calm down; we have been there, done that.

You will need:

  •  Your Xbox 360 Console
  • TV set
  1. Make sure your Xbox 360 console is plugged in to your wall outlet. After that connect the video and audio cables you your TV. Please make sure that the cables are hooked up securely or else you will get a red ring (not the infamous red ring of death).
  2. Turn your Xbox 360 console and your TV on. Make sure there is no disc in your Xbox 360 console. If there is a disk in it, go ahead and take it out.
  3. Go into your Dashboard. From there you will scroll all the way to the right. When you get to the end you will see System Settings. Go into the "System Settings" and scroll down to "Initial Setup". Click on it and then an option will pop up asking you if you want to run initial setup. Hit "yes" and then it will change the Xbox 360 console settings back to the factory defaults.



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