How To Reshaft Golf Club Iron

Save yourself a little cash and learn how to reshaft your golf club irons. Most golfers either buy new clubs or leave it to the professionals when they need to re-shaft their golf club irons. If you can follow a few simple instructions and have a little knowledge of how to use some simple tools, you can have custom shafts in your golf irons that fit you perfectly, as well as save a bundle of cash. Follow these simple steps to re-shaft your golf irons.

  1.  Remove the shaft from the golf iron head. Place the shaft of the golf club in a vice or another locking device that can secure it firmly so that it will not turn when you are removing the iron head from the shaft. Wrap a wet rag or paper towel around the ferrule of the golf club to prevent it from burning. Heat the hosel of the golf iron head for approximately thirty seconds and with a gloved hand, attempt to twist it off of the shaft. If the head does not release continue the heating process until it comes free.
  2. Measure and prepare the end of the shaft. Using a shaft identification gauge, correctly trim your new shaft. Most iron shafts have a .370 inch tip. You may use a simple hack saw blade, or preferably a pipe cutter for this procedure. After the shaft has been gauged and trimmed, roughen the tip of the golf iron shaft that will be fitted with the club head. Slide the ferrule up the shaft and dip the end of the shaft in the prepared epoxy. Twist the shaft in and out of the iron head making sure to coat the inside of the hosel with epoxy.
  3. Store the iron head shaft for drying. After you have successfully attached the shaft to the iron head, you want to make sure that you have aligned the graphics on the shaft the way you want them. Tap the butt of the shaft on a firm surface to ensure that the iron head is properly seated in the hosel. Store the club with it standing in its natural playing position for the recommended drying time.
  4. Measure and cut the shaft to fit. After the golf iron head has properly dried, measure the golf shaft and cut it to fit the particular club head length. Always allow 1/8 of an inch for the cap on the end of the grip. Remember that the length of the shafts on the golf iron wedges are the same.
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