How To Resist Sexual Temptation

Learning how to resist sexual temptation can help you improve your love life, stop cheating, and even prevent you from getting sexually transmitted diseases. If you have sex with multiple partners, cheat on your wife or girlfriend, or are at risk of contacting sexual diseases, then now is the time to learn how to calm your sexual urges and resist temptations to engage in sex as frequently as you do.

  1. Avoid tempting situations. Stay away from people and places that cause you to feel sexually tempted. Break off contact with additional sexual partners to avoid temptation and avoid locations like strip clubs or bars that cause you to eventually feel the urge to have sex.
  2. Know when to remove yourself from a bad situation. If you start to feel tempted in the least bit, remove yourself from the location or presence of the place or person/people causing you to feel sexual temptation. This will automatically decrease your feelings of temptation.
  3. Focus your attention elsewhere. When you start to feel sexually aroused or tempted to commit the sins of the flesh, try focusing your attention on other people or activities to un-stimulate yourself. Get a non-sexual hobby that allows you to fully avoid sexually tempting situations. Try reading non-sexual books, learning to cook or playing golf.
  4. Keep your schedule full of non-tempting activities. When you are not in work, schedule time to spend walking your dog, spending time with your kids, your significant other and even with your parents. The less free time you have for sexually tempting activities, the less often you will feel tempted.



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