How To Resize A Fossil Watch

One of the leading men's brands, Fossil watches commonly come with wristbands fit for the ladies, however, resizing a Fossil watch is simple. Taking it to a Fossil retailer or a Watch Station is a sure-fire way to get a little more (or less) room since they regularly change watch-band sizes free of charge, or for a nominal fee of about $10, but there are also a few ways to do it at home.

To resize a Fossil watch, you'll need the following.

  • New watch links or leather band
  • Watch band pin punch or sizing pliers
  • Small hammer (preferable a jeweler’s hammer)


  1. Find the missing link. Finding links that exactly match your watch is crucial since size is a factor, and obviously the color and style should look complete. provides extra links for a nominal shipping charge, or Fossil watch retailers may have extras on-hand for a small fee (usually about $3). If the watch has a leather band that is too small, larger bands can be found the same way.
  2. Press the head of the punch tool against the slotted side of the pin connecting the leather band to the watch head, or the old links together. The spring-loaded punch tool will dislodge the pin (make sure to keep track of it – they can fly!). If using the sizing pliers, simply line the up surrounding the band and pin and squeeze. Make sure to remove the pins from both the old band/link and the new ones.
  3. Line up the new leather band or metal link to match the pin slot on the watch head or following links. Place the pin inside and gently tap with the hammer until it slides fully into place. Repeat until all pins are replaced completing the watch band. 

This method can also be used to shorten the length of men’s watch bands. Simply follow steps one and two, removing links instead of adding them. 



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