How To A Resize Kenneth Cole Watch

Wondering how to resize a Kenneth Cole watch? There are two ways to size the bracelet on a Kenneth Cole watch: remove the links and adjust the clasp or micro adjust the clasp and/or remove a link. Both methods will be discussed.

Tools needed to resize a Kenneth Cole watch:

  • Pin pushers
  • Watchmaker's hammer
  • Bracelet holder
  • Spring bar tool

The procedure to resize a Kenneth Cole watch by the clasp:

  1. Lay watch on side and inspect the clasp. Along the edge of the clasp you will see a series of small holes. In the two opposite ends of the clasp you will have the ends of the bracelet pinned in place. The pins, or spring bars, are spring-loaded, so take care not to let them fly away when moving them.
  2. Move the first spring bar side. Use the spring bar tool to move the pin to the next hole in the clasp. Push in the end of the spring bar until you can move the bracelet end. Slide it carefully, making sure not to get the end of the spring bar to the edge of the clasp.
  3. Move the second side of the spring bar. Turn over the watch and use the spring bar tool to push in the second side of the spring bar. Move it slowly until it clicks in the hole corresponding to the other side.
  4. Try on watch for fit. Slip the watch on and clasp it. Is it the right fit? If so, you are done. If not repeat the procedure. If you have run out of adjustment holes, you will need to remove a link or two.


The process to remove a link from a Kenneth Cole watch is as follows:

  1. Correctly position the bracelet in the bracelet holder. There will be little arrows on the back of the links. The arrows should point downward into the bracelet holder as this shows the direction the pin should be moved in.
  2. Select correct tools. Select the correct sized pin pusher. It should be almost exactly the same size as the pin and not larger. This is important as the pusher needs to go into the same holes as the pin to push it through.
  3. Remove pin. Use the pin pusher and hammer to gently tap the pin out of the hole until it is loose enough to pull out.
  4. Remove pin from the other side of the link. Use the pin pusher and hammer on the pin on the other side of the link to be removed. Tap gently until the pin falls free. The link is now free of the bracelet. The next step is to put the two ends of the bracelet back together.
  5. Flip watch band in the bracelet holder. Flip over the bracelet in the holder so that the arrows point upwards.
  6. Attach the two links together. Line up the holes in the two links to be attached to put the watch band back together. Slip the pin down into the holes as far as possible. Use the hammer to GENTLY tap the pin down into the links until it is flush.

This is how you resize a Kenneth Cole watch. The process is not that hard to accomplish, but care must be taken. It is easy to accidently damage the finish on your fine Kenneth Cole watch if you slip with the hammer. Enjoy your Kenneth Cole watch now that you have resized it.

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