How To Restart Windows XP

It is important to know how to restart Windows XP properly. Restarting properly clears your computer's memory which will speed it up. It also helps to restart when the software you're using causes your system to crash or is not performing the way it should.

There are more than one way to restart Windows XP. Make sure you save all your files before trying one of these restart methods:

  1. The standard and most commonly known method is by clicking the "Start" button on Windows XP. Next, select "Turn off computer" and then choose "Restart" from the window that pops up.
  2. The Windows command prompt can be used to restart Windows XP. According AumHa, a collaboration site created by several Microsoft MVPs (Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals), you can restart Windows XP from the command prompt. Access the command prompt by clicking the "Start" button on Windows XP followed by clicking "Run". Type "cmd" on the "Open" field. This will bring up the command prompt window. Finally, type in the command "SHUTDOWN -r -t 01" without the quotes. This option can be used as part of another function. One example of its use can be seen in the next item.
  3. Use a shortcut that restarts Windows XP. Create a Windows shortcut by right-clicking your mouse on any empty space on the Windows desktop. Select "New" and then "Shortcut". A small window will pop up asking for you to "Type the location of the item". Type in the same command mentioned in the above numbered item which is "SHUTDOWN -r -t 01" without the quotes. This tells Windows XP to call on the restart command when the shortcut you're creating is selected. Click "Next". The following window will ask you to name the shortcut. Call it whatever you wish. "Restart Windows" is a good name while "Restart Windows before I go crazy" is too wordy. Both will however will work just the same. Click on "Finish". Your new restart Windows XP shortcut is ready to use and can be found on the desktop. Move this wherever you wish just like any other Windows shortcut.

It is critical to remember that new software glitches can be caused and files lost when Windows is not properly restarted or shut down. Choose any one of the ways to restart Windows XP properly to avoid causing your PC any future problem that will leave you wanting to tear your hair out.


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