How To Restore and Refurbish An Antique Stove

Many collectors want to know how to restore and refurbish an antique stove because of their unique place in American history. The antique stove was a highly efficient wood-burning behemoth that cooked and heated whole sections of houses from the sixteenth to twentieth centuries in America. They were far less dangerous than wood-burning hearths that emitted sparks throughout a home and much beloved by people. Now let’s get started on this wonderful adventure down memory lane.

What you will need:

  • 4 – 9 wire brushes
  • Heat resistant paint
  • A clear space to display the stove


  1. Open the stove and pipe to check for obstructive materials. If you plan to use the stove you must clear it of materials that could block the flow of smoke. Open the stove up and make sure nothing is taking up space or closing the pipe.
  2. Use the wire brushes to clean the outside of the stove and pipe. This is a very labor intensive step so set aside some time for it. You want to remove as much burnt wood debris as possible.
  3. Paint the stove with the heat resistant paint. This will help it blend in with your home’s décor and give it more of an updated look. Cast iron has a very dull and old-fashioned look. This look won’t blend with most modern homes without paint.
  4. Hook the stove to your home’s smoke flue. This is an optional step you may choose not to take. If simply allows you to use the stove. Please note this process requires split fire wood.

This covers restoring and updating an antique cast iron stove from early America. These relics are strong reminders of where our people came from. Displaying a cast iron stove in your modern home can me a wonderful statement about American heritage.

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