How To Restore Computer To Factory Settings

Knowing how to restore a computer to factory settings has its advantages. If you restore your computer's factory settings this can help to clear a virus, correct a software mistake or just make it easier to sell. Computers that still have their factory settings are treasured for the simple fact that they do not seem tainted. Once you begin adding software, programs and downloads, this is where you can get your self into trouble. Luckily, this can be fixed by following a few simple steps.

To restore a computer to its factory settings, you will need:

  • Factory settings CD
  • Computer
  • Blank CD disk
  1. Get a blank CD disk and burn of the files that you still want onto the CD. This is important to do because restoring a computer's factory settings will get rid of everything and anything that was not originally on the computer. So if you want to avoid having a meltdown, make sure that you do this step first.
  2. Insert the Factory settings CD into the CD drive. You do not have to purchase this CD separately since it was given to you when you first purchased your computer.
  3. The CD will ask you if you want to restore the factory settings. Click "Confirm" or "Ok" so that the process can begin. This process can take awhile so avoid trying to speed up the process by randomly pressing buttons and clicking your mouse.
  4. Once the settings have been restored reboot your computer. This will help to complete the entire process.

Make sure that restoring your computer's factory settings is something that you really want to do or is your last resort. If something goes wrong this can really mess up your computer.

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