How To Restore A Fiberglass Boat

You can save cash by learning how to restore a fiberglass boat. Perhaps you have heard the old saying that a boat is a hole in the water that you simply dump your money into. Proper maintenance can help from spending all your savings on your seafaring vessel. One is proper maintenance on the hull of the boat. If it has seen better days, or is beginning to show wear, then you might choose to restore the hull to like new condition.

In order to do this, you will need:

  • Soap and Water
  • Degreasing agent
  • Wax Solvent
  • Orbital buffer
  • Rags
  • Rubber gloves
  • Wax, Polish, and Rubbing compound
  1. Clean the surface. Stating with soap and water and give the outer hull a good washing. You want to remove any barnacles or other sea critters from the bottom of your boat. Then your going to want to remove any grease the normal wash would not with your grease solvent. Be sure to get any and all grease and oils off before you continue. Moving on the the wax solvent, sweep the wax from the hull of the boat. Be sure to use the rubber gloves to protect your hands and arms because many solvents will cause skin irritation and damage. You want to be down to the gel coat before you begin rebuilding the wax and shine of your boat.
  2. Assess the damage. Once you have the boat clean, you can check your hull for damage. In order to properly restore the boat, you must make sure the hull is in good repair. Any weak spots in the bottom of the boat will need replacing before you can continue your restoration of the fiberglass. Older boats, or boats that are at docked in water most of the time, are more likely to have a few more repairs than ones housed in a storage area.
  3. Apply the your coatings. Once your hull is sound, it is time to begin with a good compound. There are many compounds that work for a boats gel coat. Pick one that best works for the age or newness of  your vessel. This will bring the life back to the worn out gel coating of the hull.
  4. Wax it. Like a car, Wax helps protect the finish of your boat. Once your compound has brought your gel coat back, give the fiberglass a good waxing. Make sure you give it a good deep wax.  The deeper wax, the better the water will be held off from the under side of the boat.
  5. Polish for best results. To add that final pop to the restoration of the fiberglass,  find a good fiberglass polish. This will help to restore the full color and life into the fiberglass boat, and impress all who see it.

Just a quick note. If you are up for a challenge, you can forgo the buffer for a nice hand shine when working the compound, applying wax, and polish coatings. But this is more timely by far and will be extremely tiresome. Be sure to use a softer pad for the wax and polish,. different from the compound.

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