How To Restore Foreskin

Do you want to know how to restore foreskin? Circumcision is almost exclusively done at infancy. Parents generally decide whether or not circumcision is something they believe to be beneficial for their child. As an adult, you may not agree with their decision. Perhaps you would prefer to have foreskin covering your penis, either for aesthetic reasons or a desire for increased sensitivity. Whatever the reason, the good news is that it is possible for you to restore foreskin painlessly and without surgical intervention.

  1. Choose a method and stick with it. Generally, three separate methods of non-surgical foreskin restoration are available. They are the weight method, cone method and tape method. There are many sub-categories to each depending on the specific type of device used. It's best to do research on all the different types and then definitively decide on one of them. When it comes to attempting to restore foreskin, bouncing between different methods can slow down progress, or worse, damage the penis.
  2. Plan a regimen. A proper regimen is going to be far more important than which method you choose to restore foreskin. Non-surgical foreskin restoration relies on tension to slowly stretch the skin that is left on the penile shaft after circumcision. You'll want to apply enough tension to cause stretching and resulting cell division, but not so much as to damage the cells. As of now, the National Organization of Restoring Men recommends a daily regimen of six to eight hours, while awake.
  3. Speak to a supportive physician. You'll want someone who can monitor you medically throughout the process to make sure everything is going correctly and no damage is occurring. Make sure you interview potential health care providers so you can be sure to find one who will support your decision to restore foreskin.
  4. Set a start date. It's best to pick a date at least two weeks away so that you have adequate time to prepare, both mentally and physically. Take the time in between to go over your checklist, relax, and get all of your errands run. The day you begin your journey towards restoring foreskin is a day should be calm and quiet so you can get used to the adjustment.


Keeping the head of the penis covered during foreskin restoration will minimize the effects of increased sensitivity.


Minor discomfort is normal, but pain should never be tolerated. Any pain should be reported to your physician. Never wear your restoration device while sleeping.

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