How To Restore A Leather Jacket

When learning how to restore a leather jacket, even though they are durable and long-lasting, always be cautious not to damage it further. According to Leather Therapy, leather jackets are one of the most long-lasting fashion trends of all time. Known for their strength and durability, leather jackets can become worn out if proper care is not taken. Prevention is the most important key in keeping a leather jacket in good shape. However, there are many great restoration products that can be utilized in case your jacket becomes damaged. Over time, even well-maintained jackets will start to look worn-out and dull. Here are some tips for restoring leather jackets:

  1. Repair any rips around the edges with rubber cement. Press a small piece of rubber cement underneath the ripped edge to re-attach it to the main body of the jacket.
  2. Avoid using water or anything damp to wash the jacket. Water will stain leather, not to mention permanently damage your jacket. Clean your leather jacket with a leather restoration product. There are several popular leather care products on the market. They remove dirt and dust that builds up on leather and also polish the jacket to restore its natural glimmer. Put a few drops of the product onto a dry washcloth and rub it over the top of the jacket.
  3. Soften hard-to-clean areas and remove any scratches with a non-greasy cleaner. Rub the cream on areas that have become hardened. Sometimes small scratches can also be smoothed out with the cleaner.
  4. Polish the leather and bring back the shine with beeswax. This is a natural wax that is used to prevent damage by water. Next, use your fingers to rub the beeswax over the jacket area, mainly focusing on the most dull and worn-out parts. Then, allow the beeswax to soak in for a couple days before actually wearing the jacket.

Full restoration may require taking the jacket to a leather cleaning professional.

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