How To Restore Memory On PS3

With the right preparation, you can know how to restore memory on your PS3 in case disaster strikes. A Sony MemoryStick, SD Memory Card, or any USB hard drive storage device can save a variety of backup data from your PlayStation3, including your hard-earned saved game files and most media files which can be stored on your console's hard drive. This precaution and recovery process can often fix minor system problems and glitches, including but not limited to system freezes, frame rate skipping and audio distortion.

You will need:

  • A Sony PlayStation3
  • A Sony MemoryStick, SD Memory Card, or an external USB storage device
  1. Connect a MemoryStick, SD card, or USB storage device to your PlayStation3. Be certain that the connection is secure. If you are using an external hard drive via USB, make sure the external device is plugged in and that the power is on. Also be sure to check the device beforehand to determine if the device has ample free space for your PS3 files.
  2. Switch on the power to your PS3 console. It also helps to have a standard PS3 controller activated.
  3. Access the XMB menu. This is the main menu for the console, activated when you turn the power on.
  4. Access the "Settings" tab on the XMB menu. The category is indicated by a toolbox icon.
  5. Select "System Settings." This tab will grant access to a variety of settings for your PlayStation3. 
  6. Access the "Backup Utility." This setting offers three options: "Back Up," "Restore," and "Delete Backup Data." Select "Back Up." The console will begin backing up your system settings, saved game files, and media files (including music, photos and videos). The device will create folders on your external storage device and then store the necessary files into these folders. Once you receive notification that the backup has completed, you are done for now. However, read over the final steps of this tutorial, so you will know what to do when the time comes to restore your memory to your PS3.
  7. If you later experience problems with your system, connect your backup storage device to the PS3. Power on the system, and access the "Backup Utility" once again.
  8. Select "Restore." If you have not altered the folders or files the console created on the storage device when backing up your system data, the process should complete without any problems. Your existing data on the console will be replaced by the old files which were backed up on the external storage device. Once the process finishes, try out your console and see if the restore has corrected your problems!


  • This "restore" differs from the "Restore PS3 System" utility in the system settings menu. That sort of restore is also known as a "hard reset" and simply reverts your console's hardware back to factory settings. It will erase all existing personal data (like saved games, media files, and trophies) on your system without backing it up.
  • Unfortunately, this process will not back up your trophy information. If you are a PlayStation Network member, however, this data is stored on the network servers. It can be restored at any time on any console by connecting to the internet and logging in with your PSN profile.
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