How To Restore Vintage Indian Motorcycles

If you are in the process of finding out how to restore vintage Indian motorcycles, do not give up if you run into a few problems. Getting vintage Indian motorcycles back on the road may take a lot of time and money, depending on how much work the bike needs. If you know a reliable motorcycle mechanic, have them look at your motorcycle, to see if they can give you an idea of the cost of restoring it.

  1. Once you know what items need to be fixed, make a checklist. Put the most important items at the top of  the checklist, and work your way down until you have completed the list of repairs. Next, you will have to do some research to find out how much each item costs to replace or fix.
  2. Call an Indian motorcycle dealership, and ask for the parts department. Tell the parts manager that you are going to restore vintage Indian motorcycles, and read off the list of items on your checklist to see if they can order you the parts. If you are able, give the manager the parts number for each of the items you need. Find out how much the items cost, and if the parts manager cannot locate any of the things on your list, ask them where you can find the missing items.
  3. Check a motorcycle parts store. You may find the store can help you locate the parts needed to restore vintage Indian motorcycles. Give the clerk the remaining items on your list, and see if they can find the parts from their supplier.
  4. Use the internet to help you restore vintage Indian motorcycles. Try a search engine, and type in the type of part you need. Also, if you find a motorcycle website that restores classic bikes, contact them to see if they know where you can find what you need for vintage Indian motorcycles.
  5. Call a few motorcycle mechanics. Use the yellow pages or internet to locate motorcycle repair shops. If you are able, take your bike to one or more repair shops, to see if they can help you.
  6. Try contacting a motorcycle club in your area. You may get lucky and find someone who knows how to restore vintage motorcycles. Ask them to give you some assistance, so you can get your bike back in working condition.
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